Summer 2015

Goal: The goal of the VUSRP is to enhance joint student-faculty research efforts.


Student support: A $5000 stipend will be provided for each student. A limited number of Little John Fellow awards will be made with a stipend of $6000.

Faculty support: Some faculty members are eligible to apply for supplementary research funds for themselves, in connection with the VUSRP, under the Undergraduate Research Supervision Grants (URSG) component of the Research Scholars Grants Program, information about which can be found at:

Note: To be considered for these research funds, the faculty sponsor must apply for them through the Research Scholar Grants Program at the same time the student applies for the VUSRP Fellowship.


Information meetings: Information meetings

Application procedure:

Application review:

  1. The VUSRP Coordinating Committee will review the applications.
  2. The review will consider
    1. the extent to which the proposed work will enhance joint student-faculty research
    2. the degree to which the research setting and work plan meet the student's stated goals
    3. the role that participation in the VUSRP plays in the faculty member's program of academic work and research.
  3. Awards will be announced by April 1st 2015.

Other resources for students interested in summer research

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